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Painting With Time: Climate Change.

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General information sites on climate change, including the sites in the References for Earth Under Fire: How Global Warming is Changing the World

These contain an abundance of information and further connections on this deep and complex subject.

A group of climate scientists have their own site to explain global warming and respond to critics and challenges to their science --

Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs, UK, British
government website on climate change --

Espere (Environmental Science Published for Everybody
Round the Earth), offers a
"Climate Encyclopedia" for nonscientists.,0/148.html.

Goddard Institute for Space Studies, NASA, for research reports and news releases by James Hansen and his colleagues.

National Snow and Ice Data Center, provides an overview of the status of snow and ice as indicators of climate change.

Natural Resources Defense Council, "Global Warming Science:
An Annotated Bibliography" includes seven years of
peer-reviewed climate science.

Website of a German ocean physicist, Stefan Rahmstorf of Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, presenting a "Climate Change Fact Sheet" featuring oceans in climate
change at

Union of Concerned Scientists,

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, Portal to a huge amount of climate information.

The outstanding and authoritative history of global warming science by Spencer Wearth, of Princeton and the American Institute of Physics, "The Discovery of Global Warming," history/climate.

US Global Change Research Program, official government site for research and reports -

NASA Earth Observatory, great graphics photos and articles -
EPA's Global Warming site -

National Climate Data Center, more than you wanted to know about weather and climate statisitics, including hurricanes, drought, and weather extremes -

Climate Institute -

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC, for the up-to-date 2007 reports -

UNEP site for Climate Change info, charts and maps
National Climate Assessment, including regional trends -

Causes of Global Warming is a listing of some of the more important sources of information --

Pacific Institute's Global Change pages, focusing on water issues -

Many environmental groups and NGO's have great climate change Web sites:

Union of Concerned Scientists -

Climate Effects Map -

Natural Resources Defense Council -

World Wildlife Fund -

Greenpeace - (choose CLIMATE on lower toolbar)

Climate Solutions -

Physicians for Social Responsibility has information about the health effects of climate change, and sections on the regional effects of climate change in the United Steates -

The Heat is Online, companion to Ross Gelbspan's book (see below) is a good clearinghouse for climate information, especially in debunking the skeptics and misinformation about global warming -

Grist on-line magazine -

Climate Ark --This is a mega information site (with a sister site on Forest issues)  which has a very deep "Climate Change News Archive," links directory, and renewable energy news.

Campaign Earth --If you'd like to have many ideas on how you and your family and co-workers can help slow global warming. this is the site.

Climate Action Network --For a huge variety of information and connections on global warming, check out this worldwide network of over 365 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Recommended books

Abbasi, Daniel R. Americans and Climate Change: Closing the
Gap between Science and Action. New Haven: Yale University
Press, 2006.

Alley, Richard B. The Two-Mile Time Machine: Ice Cores,
Abrupt Climate Change, and Our Future. Princeton:
Princeton University Press, 2000.

Brower, Michael, and Warren Leon. The Consumer's Guide to
Effective Environmental Choices. New York: Three Rivers
Press, 1999.

Christianson, Gale E. Greenhouse: The 200-Year Story of
Global Warming. New York: Walker Publishing, 1999.

Dauncey, Guy, with Patrick Mazza. Stormy Weather. Gabriola
Island, BC, Canada: New Society Publishers, 2001.

Diamond, Jared. Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or
Succeed. New York: Viking, 2005.

Dow, Kirstin, and Thomas E. Downing. The Atlas of Climate
Change. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2006.

Economy, Elizabeth C. The River Runs Black: The Environmental
Challenge to China's Future. Ithaca, NY: Cornell
University Press, 2004.

Editors of Collins. Fragile Earth: Views of a Changing World.
London: Collins, 2006.

Flannery, Tim. The Weather Makers: How Man Is Changing
the Climate and What It Means for Life on Earth.
Melbourne: Text Publishing Co., 2005.

Freese, Barbara. Coal: A Human History. Cambridge, MA:
Perseus Publishing, 2003.

Gelbspan, Ross. Boiling Point: How Politicians, Big Oil and
Coal, Journalists, and Activists are Fueling the Climate
Crisis-and What We Can Do to Avert Disaster. New
York: Basic Books, 2004.

---. The Heat Is On: The Climate Crisis, the Cover-up, the
Prescription. Reading, MA: Perseus Books, 1998.

Gore, Al. An Inconvenient Truth. Emmaus, PA: Rodale, 2006.

Graedel, Thomas E., and Paul J. Crutzen. Atmosphere, Climate,
and Change. New York: Scientific American
Library/HPHLP, 1995.

Hawken, Paul. Blessed Unrest. New York: Viking, 2006

____, Amory Lovins, and Hunter Lovins. Natural
Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution. New
York: Little, Brown, 1999.

Houghton, John. Global Warming: The Complete Briefing. 2d
ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997.

Knauer, Kelly, Ed. Global Warming: The Causes, the Perils, the Solutions. New York: Time Inc., 2007.

Kolbert, Elizabeth. Field Notes from a Catastrophe: Man, Nature,
and Climate Change. New York: Bloomsbury Publishing,

Krupnik, Igor, and Dyanna Jolly, eds. The Earth Is Faster
Now: Indigenous Observations of Arctic Environmental
Change. Fairbanks, AK: ARCUS, 2002.

Kunstler, James Howard. The Long Emergency: Surviving the
End of Oil, Climate Change, and Other Converging Catastrophes
of the Twenty-first Century. New York: Atlantic
Monthly Press, 2005.

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and Biodiversity. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2005.
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Lynas, Mark. High Tide: The Truth about Our Climate Crisis.
New York: Picador, 2004.

MacCracken, Michael C., Frances Moore and John C. Topping Jr., Eds. Sudden and Disruptive Climate Change: Exploring the Real Risks and How We Can Avoid Them. London: Earthscan, 2008.

McDonough, William, and Michael Braungart. Cradle to
Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things. New York:
North Point Press, 2002.

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. Ecosystems and Human
Well-being: Synthesis. Washington, DC: Island Press, 2005.

Moser, Susanne C., and Lisa Dilling. Creating a Climate for
Change: Communicating Climate Change and Facilitating
Social Change. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,

Motavalli, Jim, ed. Feeling the Heat. New York: Routledge,

National Assessment Synthesis Team, USGRCP. Climate
Change Impacts on the United States: The Potential Consequences
of Climate Variability and Change. Cambridge,
UK: Cambridge University Press, 2000.

Pollack, Henry N. Uncertain Science . . . Uncertain World.
Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2005.

Register, Richard. Ecocities: Rebuilding Cities in Balance with
Nature. Rev. ed. Gabriola Island, BC, Canada: New Society
Publishers, 2006.

Schneider, Stephen H., and Terry L. Root, eds. Wildlife Responses
to Climate Change. Washington, DC: Island Press,

Speth, James Gustave. Red Sky at Morning: America and the
Crisis of the Global Environment. New Haven: Yale University
Press, 2005.

Weart, Spencer R. The Discovery of Global Warming. Cambridge,
MA: Harvard University Press, 2003.

Hard Rain

"Oh, where have you been, my blue-eyed son?"

New book adds moving illustrations to Bob Dylan's " lyrics, and a powerful message of conservation and human rights.

This book is inspirational and contains a very complete list of websites and publications about global warming and other world issues.

Bob Dylan's piercing words accompany photographs that illustrate the issues that are defining the 21st century - climate change, pollution, poverty and habitat loss. Essays by leading scientists and thinkers in the environmental movement explore the steps we must take to prevent global collapse.

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