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Gary Braasch
Photographer & Journalist
PO Box 1465
Portland, OR 97207 USA
Phone: 503.860.1228

Environmental Photography


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Painting With Time: Climate Change.

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Amicus Journal, Summer 2000, Natural Resources Defense Council
The Amicus Journal, summer 2000 ©NRDC



World View of Global Warming is privately funded. It is a project under the Blue Earth Alliance and enjoys 501(c)3 tax status. I am grateful, professionally and personally, to those who have generously supported my work:

• The Wiancko Family Fund is the major benefactor for World View of Global Warming.  This support continued in 2004.
• The Aveda Corporation provided funding for my photography in Nunavut Canada in 2004.
• In 2000, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) began supporting the project through exhibit production and contracts for photography.
• Publication support from Discover magazine was offered by Steve Petranek, editor, beginning in April 1999.
• Travel to Antarctica and Arctic research sites in Alaska was provided by the National Science Foundation through the Media Office and the Office of Polar Programs.
• Other support has been received from  Mr. Zach Franks,  Mr. Tom Campion,  The Packard Foundation (for coral reef reporting), the Philip Hyde award of the North American Nature Photography Assn., and many magazines and organizations who have paid fees for use of the photographs and public presentations. I especially thank the American Association for the Advancement of Science for use of their exhibit space at the Washington headquarters, the Science Museum of Minnesota; and International Wildlife Magazine, John Nuhn and Jon Fisher, editors.
• My documentation of climate change science in Costa Rica was funded by One World Journeys, as part of their series on photographers' natural history documentation projects. Their report on this work, including education and reference material on climate change, is called "Mercury Rising."
• Funding for travel to meetings and presentations has been generously provided by Yale University, The Nature Conservancy, and the North Carolina Coastal Federation.
• University of California Press published a book based on this project in 2007 (see www.earthunderfire.com), and in producing it their support allowed a great deal of new photography in 2004-5.
• During late 2007 and 2008, more than 550 copies of the book were presented to leaders in Washington, state governments, international climate leaders, the heads of relevant foundations and journalists. This was done to directly influence their knowledge of climate change and urge their engagement with the issue. I am grateful to Denis Hayes and Thomas Lovejoy who were senior advisors on this part of my work, to NRDC and its climate center for managing the distribution to all Senators and 100 leading Representatives. I sincerely thank the Global Environment Project Institute and the Wiancko Family Fund and Tom Campion for major donations to support this effort.

World View of Global Warming would not have been possible without the support and guidance of the following professionals who personally support my work (affiliations given for identification only and do not indicate official backing of my project by these organizations).

Ms. Bobbi Baker Burrows, Photography Editor LIFE Magazine

Ms. Jane Kinne

Ms. M J Anderson

Dr. Raymond S. Bradley
Professor and Head of Department
Department of Geosciences
University of Massachusetts

Dr. Terry Chapin
Institute of Arctic Biology
University of Alaska

Dr. Daniel Lashof, Chief Scientist
NRDC Climate Center

Mr. David Lyman, Director and Founder
Maine Photographic Workshops

And for Blue Earth Alliance: Phil Borges, Natalie Fobes, Julee Geyer and David Johnson

I am thankful for the early and continuing support and
contacts provided by:


Ms. Ann Dilworth
Ms. Lynne Cherry
Dr. Nalini Nadkarni
Mr. Ken Margolis
Mr. Bart Lewis
Mr. Chuck Dayton
Mr. Nick Sundt
Mr. Woodfin Camp
Mr. David Friend
Mr. Dan Ritzman
Mr. Tom Campion
Drs. Camille Parmesan and Michael Singer
Dr. Eban Goodstein
Mr. Ross Gelbspan
Dr. Thomas Lovejoy
Dr. Gunter Weller
Dr. Clive Wilkinson
Dr. Jeff Price

Please see the References for the many other scientists and writers whose work has informed my project and who have also provided information and contacts.

Hundreds of scientists, their staff and co-researchers have been generous in time, information and access. In the references below, I have mentioned those principally involved in the photographs shown in this Web site.

I am no less grateful to the many others, including fellow photographers, journalists and friends, whose research and information have been very helpful and who will be crucial to World View of Global Warming in the coming years.



Photographs from the World View of Global Warming are available for license to publications needing science photography, environmental groups and agencies, and other uses. Stock photography and assignments available.


Use of photographs in any manner, in part or whole, without permission is prohibited by US copyright law. These photographs are registered with the US Copyright Office and are not in the Public Domain.

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Photography and text Copyright © 2005 - 2014 (and before) Gary Braasch All rights reserved. Use of photographs in any manner without permission is prohibited by US copyright law. Photography is available for license to publications and other uses. Please contact requestinformation@worldviewofglobalwarming.org. View more of Gary Braasch's photography here.