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Gary Braasch
Photographer & Journalist
PO Box 1465
Portland, OR 97207 USA
Phone: 503.860.1228

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Painting With Time: Climate Change.

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Advisors, Mentors and Funders


World View of Global Warming would not be possible without the support and guidance of the professionals and friends who personally support this work.

Dr. Joan Rothlein, partner and advisor


Ms. Jane Kinne
Dr. Stephen Schneider
Dr. Paul Epstein
Mr. Rick Piltz
Mrs. Alice Braasch


Ms. Bobbi Baker Burrows
Dr. Raymond Bradley
Dr. Terry Chapin
Dr. Daniel Lashof
Mr. Denis Hayes
Dr. Peter Raven
Dr. Thomas Lovejoy
Dr. John Holdren
Mr. John Topping
Mr. Eric Lemelson
Mr. Spencer Beebe
Mr. Brian Rosborough
Mr. Brendan Doyle
Dr. Stuart Pimm
Mr. Joel Halioua
Mr. David Gregg
Mr. Archie Harders
Dr. Amory Lovins
Mr. Paul Hawken
Mr. Bill McKibben
Dr. James Gustave Speth
Mr. Joshua Wolfe
Dr. Peter Gleick
Ms. Ann Dilworth
Ms. Lynne Cherry
Dr. Nalini Nadkarni
Mr. Ken Margolis
Mr. Bart Lewis
Mr. Chuck Dayton
Mr. Nick Sundt
Mr. Woodfin Camp
Mr. David Friend
Mr. Dan Ritzman
Dr. Meg Lowman
Dr. Camille Parmesan
Dr. Rosina Bierbaum
Dr. Eban Goodstein
Mr. Ross Gelbspan
Ms. MJ Anderson
Mr. David Lyman
Ms. Linda Clingan
Dr. Michael Templeton
Mr. Russ Kinne
Dr. David Blockstein
Mr. Dennis Wiancko
Ms. Natalie Fobes and Dr. Phil Borges
Peg and Rogers Strickland
Mr. Cedar Braasch
Ellen and Bob Reynolds


Gracious FUNDERS

World View of Global Warming is funded through publication of its works, assignments from media and NGOs and, primarily, by grants and donations. It is a project under the Blue Earth Alliance and enjoys 501(c)3 tax status. I am grateful, professionally and personally, to those who have generously supported my work.

• Blue Earth Alliance
• The Wiancko Family Fund is the major benefactor for World View of Global Warming.
• University of California Press
• Mr. Eric Lemelson and the Karuna Foundation (US) (India, Nepal and Bhutan)
• Natural Resources Defense Council
• National Science Foundation through, Media Office and the Office of Polar Programs (travel to Antarctica and Alaska)
• Mr. Tom Campion and Ms. Sonya Campion (Alaska)
• Ms Linda Love and Mr. Michael Williams
• Ms Betsy Taylor
• Betsy and Jesse Fink Foundation (Gulf oil spill)
• Sweetgrass Foundation, Ken Margolis
• The Packard Foundation (coral reef reporting)
• Mr. & Mrs. Mary and Allan Solares
• The Wilburforce Foundation
• Natural Resources Defense Council
• Ms Ann Dilworth
• Ms Linda Clingan and Dr. Michael Templeton
• Mr. Christopher Boniface, and Union of Concerned Scientists
• Mr. Robert Greening
• Mr. Matt Pawa
• Dr. James Gustave Speth
• The Philip Hyde award of the North American Nature Photography Assn.
• American Association for the Advancement of Science
• The Aveda Corporation (photography in Nunavut, Canada)
• International Wildlife Magazine and Discover Magazine; John Nuhn, Jon Fisher, and Steve Petranek, editors (Antarctica).
• One World Journeys (Costa Rica)
• Yale University, The Nature Conservancy, the North Carolina Coastal Federation, Texas Tech University, NC Museum of Natural Science, American Bar Assn/Environmental Law, University Photographers Association of America and other institutions (travel & speaking engagements)
• Global Environment Project Institute, Tom Campion, Wiancko Family (distribution of Earth Under Fire books to 550 leaders and members of Congress)
• Ms. Elena Marzalek, Del Mar Global Trust (public billboards)
• Mr. Zach Franks
• Mr. Denis Hayes
• Entico, James Ramsay; UN Framework Convention on Climate Change staff (Kenya and UN publications)
• Mr. & Mrs. Barry and Cindy Hillmer
• Mr. & Mrs. Peggy and Rogers Strickland
• Ms. Ann Littlewood
• Ms. Ann Hallowell
• Mr. & Mrs. John and Marcia Harter


Ancil Nance, website management and design
Mary Marlowe, travel arrangements
Michael McGuire and David McLaughlin, administration and editing (1999-2005)
Lighthawk and Southwings, aerial photography support

Thanks to the publishers and editors of magazines, books and websites who have paid publication fees.

I have been helped by many hundreds of scientists, leaders and people affected by and trying to reduce climate change in many countries around the planet. To them, heartfelt thanks. Many of them are mentioned in individual pages and photo-stories in this website.

I am no less grateful to many others, including fellow photographers, journalists and friends, whose research and information have been very helpful and who will be crucial to World View of Global Warming in the coming years.

Please see Earth Under Fire: How Global Warming is Changing the World for a complete list of those who made that book possible.

Photographs from the World View of Global Warming are available for license to publications needing science photography, environmental groups and agencies, and other uses. Stock photography and assignments available.


Use of photographs in any manner, in part or whole, without permission is prohibited by US copyright law. These photographs are registered with the US Copyright Office and are not in the Public Domain.

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Photography and text Copyright © 2005 - 2017 (and before) Gary Braasch All rights reserved. Use of photographs in any manner without permission is prohibited by US copyright law. Photography is available for license to publications and other uses. Please contact View more of Gary Braasch's photography here.