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Climate News and Photos of the Week Archive:

News and Photos February 19, 2016 U. S. Supreme Court stops Obama Clean Power rules for coal fired power plants — then conservative leader of court, Antonin Scalia, dies.

News and Photos January 30, 2016 Heat rises, fossil fuels plummet, clean energy spreads in wake of Paris Agreement

News and Photos October 15, 2015 Myriad forms of renewable, innovative energy and efficiencies take the world’s stage, showing how proposed carbon-cutting goals of climate talks in Paris can change the world

News and Photos October 15, 2015 Glaciers of the world wither at a rate “without precedent” under record warmth continuing in 2015. U.S. stops Arctic Ocean oil leasing as Shell cancels its drilling.

News and Photos September 28, 2015 Shell quits Arctic oil drilling after “disappointing exploration outcome,” will “cease further exploration activity in offshore Alaska for the foreseeable future.”

News and Photos September 10, 2015 35,000 Pacific walrus haul out on Alaska Arctic Ocean beach haul out because preferred ice floe habitat has melted

News and Photos July 30, 2015 Shell’s crucial icebreaker is delayed by aerial and kayak-borne protesters in Portland after repairs.

News and Photos July 22, 2015 U.S. gives Shell Oil permission to resume drilling in Arctic.

News and Photos June 18, 2015 Pope Francis issues powerful Encyclical on climate and the environment.

News and Photos June 12, 2015 I saw the world melting.

News and Photos May 16, 2015 Shell drilling rig incites protests in Seattle; Alaska seabirds also at risk by drill plan.

News and Photos May 11, 2015 CO2 at worldwide high

News and Photos April 20, 2015 Giant Shell Oil arctic drill rig arrives in Puget Sound

News and Photos March 18, 2015 World carbon dioxide emissions growth did not increase in 2014, though economies grew

News and Photos March 3, 2015 Europe’s world leading climate policy may not be enough

News and Photos March 2, 2015 Switzerland leads in climate pledges while its glaciers melt

News and Photos January 27, 2015 Grim science at the AGU. Kathmandu

News and Photos January 19, 2015 2014’s heat record

News and Photos January 9, 2015 Keystone XL pipeline. Lima climate talks

News and Photos December 2, 2014 U.S - Climate change comes to Peru

News and Photos November 13, 2014 U.S.-China climate agreement.

News and Photos November 4, 2014 IPCC 5th Assessment: Further warming and long-lasting changes, but solutions are clear

News and Photos September 28, 2014 People’s Climate March. Protests

News and Photos September 22, 2014 European glaciers, new energy, exhibition. Peru

News and Photos August 15, 2014 Implications of EPA coal plant rules. California

News and Photos June 19, 2014 National Climate Assessment, illustrated

News and Photos April 22, 2014 400 ppm and seal level rise. Oil spill update

News and Photos April 8, 2014 Andean glaciers

News and Photos February 27, 2014 Bakken oil

News and Photos February 1, 2014 Oil trains from Dakota

News and Photos January 7, 2014 Energy in the American West: Bakken oil vs Wind

News and Photos November 21, 2013 Energy in the American West: Coal vs Solar. EPA regs.

News and Photos October 28, 2013 5th IPCC report details

News and Photos September 28, 2013 th IPCC report pre-view. Jamaica Bay

News and Photos August 20, 2013 Oil and coal trains in the Northwest

News and Photos July 23, 2013 Obama’s climate plan

News and Photos July 3, 2013 Shellfish growers and ocean acidification

News and Photos May and June 2013 400 ppm Carbon Dioxide

News and Photos January 2013 Shell’s rig runs aground. Drought update

News and Photos October 8, 2012 Oil Rig in the U.S. Arctic

News and Photos October 9, 2012 U.S. Drought

News and Photos August, 2012 Himalaya

News and Photos July 17, 2012 US Drought

News and Photos July 03,2012 US Drought

News and Photos July 2012 Earth Summit Rio +20

News and Photos June 2012 On location in the Himalaya: Change and response

News and Photos March 2012 On location in the Himalaya: Fire and Water

News and Photos Januray 2012 Portland’s new solar array; giant year for American solar

News and Photos December 2011 Climate progress and science findings

News and Photos November 2011 The Clean Air & Clean Water Acts: Lifesavers. Tuvalu

News and Photos October 2011 This is Climate Change

News and Photos September 2011 The Human Eruption of CO2: 'Way beyond volcanoes

News and Photos August 2011 Summer Heat Wave in the US: Extreme and Pervasive

News and Photos July 2011 Over Our Heads: Global Warming theory coming true.

News and Photos June 2011 Record amount of carbon dioxide spewed into the air in 2010.

News and Photos May 2011 The Mississippi River floods to record levels.

News and Photos April 2011 Oil spills: The BP gusher vs. fuel we burn every day.

News and Photos January 2011 Year in Review 2010: Hottest Year -- Cool Response

News and Photos December 2010 Water loss in the American SW, part of a world in drought.

News and Photos November 2010 Failure of Senate to pass climate legislation; news in review

News and Photos October 2010 Steve Schneider dies; Arctic climate news

News and Photos 2009

December 2009 Copenhagen Climate Negotiations

December 15, 2010 Cancun Climate Negotiations


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