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Arctic sea ice at second-lowest in modern record is among many rapid changes in new climate reality: This IS climate change.

The launch of Al Gore's "Climate Reality" group and the beginning of the public education project "This Is Climate Change" are new initiatives to bring the science of climate to the public. No matter what lies and distortions and misunderstandings are put forth by those who think climate change is not real -- the atmosphere continues to be flooded with greenhouse gases and the effects are observed worldwide. Millions of people across thousands of miles of the Earth's surface are living in this reality. Here are some of the images and science observations documented by World View of Global Warming.beetle killmaphigh tideboulderhatteras

And around the world, thousands of plant and animal ranges studied in long-term observations are moving toward the poles at an average rate of 15 feet per day due to climate change. In the United States, plant growing zones are up to 200 miles farther north as average temperatures increased in every state -- both high temperatures and low temperatures -- during the warmest decade of 2001-2010. Violent and record weather events like heavy rainstorms, floods and droughts -- such as the spring deluges in the Ohio Valley, the Mississippi River floods and the Texas drought --- occur more frequently, another signal of a warmer, wetter atmosphere.

For more information about World View of Global Warming' achievements, please see the Project Background page.

Greenhouse gases increase at record rate in 2010 to highest ever recorded -- Report from Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii



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