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3.  Ice under fire, rising seas: Geophysical changes

Personal Communications

Dr. Raymond Bradley, Professor of Geology and Head of Department, University of Massachusetts, Amhers

General information on the climate field, especially paleoclimate, glacier recession, and Arctic research.

Dr. Julie Brigham-Grette, Geology Dept, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Ideas and contacts for planning of my project.

Dr. Eugene Domack, Professor, Department of Geology, Hamilton College, Clinton, NY

Principal investigator of the geologic studies of receding ice shelves in Antarctica aboard the R/V Palmer, April 1999.

Dr. Amy Leventer, Assistant Professor, Department of Geology, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY

A co-leader of the R/V Palmer cruise and provided information on dating sediment cores

Dr. Robert B. Dunbar, Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences,Stanford University, Stanford CA.

Shipboard guide to Antarctic climate documentation; also information about coral coring and paleoclimatology in the tropics

Gunter Weller, Center for Global Change and Arctic Systems Research,University of Alaska Fairbanks

Information on Arctic climate change research including ice thinning.

Dr. Tom Osterkamp, Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Information and personal tour of a permafrost research site, Healy Alaska, July 1999.

Dr. Torre Jorgenson, ABR, Inc., Fairbanks, AK

An associate of Dr. Osterkamp, he provided information and maps of permafrost areas affected by climate change.

Dr. William B. Krabill, Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA, Wallops Island, VA.

Provided access and accommodation to fly with his P-3 Orion aerial radar and lidar measurement of Greenland outlet glaciers, May 2001. I also am indebted to Dr. Bob Thomas and the scientists and crew of this mission.

Drs. Dan Fagre and Lisa McKeon, USGS - Glacier Field Station, Glacier National Park, West Glacier MT

Provided research data, old park photographs, and directions to Grinnell and other glaciers, Sept 2000.

Dr. Alton Beyers, The Mountain Institute, Franklin, WV

Shared his knowledge of glacial retreat in the Andes and provided my initial contacts there.

Dr. Alcides Ames, Peruvian glaciologist, Huaraz, Peru

An expert explorer and researcher of Cordillera Blanca glaciers, he provided information and directions to several receding glaciers, including copies of early photographs.

Dr. Lonnie G. Thompson, Geological Sciences Research Scientist, Byrd Polar Research Center, Ohio State University, Columbus OH

The leading high-elevation tropical ice core researcher, he provided a contact with Bryan Mark in Huaraz Peru.

Mr. Bryan Mark, Assistant to Mr. Ames and student of Lonnie Thompson, who was my guide to the Ururashraju glacier in 1999.

Dr. Edwin Bernbaum, Berkeley California

Provided contacts on glacial retreat and climate change.

Dr. Jorge Recharte, Instituto de Montania, Huaraz, PERU

Allowed access to the Mountain Institute offices in Huaraz for research.

Mr. Ankur Tohan, Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin, Madison WI

Information while at Instituto de Montana, Huaraz.

Dr. Georg Kaser, Institute of Geography, University of Innsbruck, Austria

Granted access to the research collection of photographs from early explorations of the Andes and shared knowledge of climate change, Sept 2001.

Mr. Stefan Wagner, Limburg a.d. Lahn, Germany

Author of "Uber die Furka" (1999) a history of the Rhone glacier and region.

Drs. Ruth and William Curry, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Massachusetts.  Bill Curry is the Director, Ocean and Climate Change Institute at WHOI.

Detailed briefing on North Atlantic Ocean-atmosphere science and current findings of increased freshening in the far north, July 23, 2002.  Made arrangements for cruise on WHOI oceanographic vessel in October 2002.

Dr. Lloyd Keigwin, Senior scientist, Geology and Geophysics Dept., Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Massachusetts.

Briefed on ocean sediment cores, and recounted studies that helped fix Little Ice Age dates.

Dr. John Toole,  Senior Scientist, Department of Physical Oceanography, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Massachusetts.

Lead scientist on the October cruise of the R/V Oceanus to recover and replace deep ocean sensor moorings on the edge of the Gulf Stream.

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