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Climate change app for IPad and IPhone,
Painting With Time: Climate Change.

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Sources of information for citizens and educators from the references of Earth Under Fire

Now Available in updated paperback, the most comprehensive book on climate change science, effects and what to do about it.

An updated paperback edition of Earth Under Fire is now available in stores and for on-line ordering.

earth under fireEarth Under Fire: How Global Warming is Changing the World is a comprehensive look at the world wide effects of climate change, its implications, and what action is being taken about it. In dramatic photographs and quotes from world climate science leaders, this book shows how the earth is being changed right now. Earth Under Fire ends with a vision of how we can slow global warming and improve the lives of people everywhere. Al Gore says: "The power of Gary Braasch's personal witness to the climate crisis makes this essential reading for every citizen."

Chosen one of the 50 Best Environmental Books and Media by Vanity Fair

Information and preview at

Climate Communications Journal Article (PDF)
gaiaaRead about Gary Braasch's experiences in documenting climate change, and how to best communicate with the public and politicians. Science ideas should be more visible in society, he says, and not only from researchers and journalists: "We need more Simpsons, Jon Stewart and symphonies for science."


The Most Important Things You Can Do about Rapid Climate Change:

1. Understand the Problem, its causes
2. Do Something Today to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, find solutions

This Web site will help you learn the connection between human-made Carbon Dioxide and rapid climate changes and negative effects around the world. The hard fact is that despite what many nations, companies, cities and people are starting to do to reduce their global warming emissions, the world is putting more CO2 into the air than ever before. The current amount is 385 parts per million (ppm) -- higher than ever in the past 800,000 years.

At the same time, renowned American climatologist Dr. James Hansen of NASA says we already have too much CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the air: "If humanity wishes to preserve a planet similar to that on which civilization developed and to which life on Earth is adapted ... CO2 will need to be reduced from its current 385 ppm to at most 350 ppm."

This is scary and controversial, but Dr. Hansen and others believe we must act fast-- as a world of concerned people and leaders taking every action we can to limit greenhouse emissions. is a new movement of citizens from around the world which I recommend for its clarity of purpose and worthy goal.


climateClimate Literacy: The Essential Principles of Climate Science.

LINK, high resolution report (11.5 Mb)

A guide is now available to help individuals of all ages understand how climate influences them -- and how they influence climate. A product of the U.S. Climate Change Science Program, it was compiled by an interagency group led by NOAA.

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, Tips on home
energy savings and motor vehicle efficiency.

Climate Change Education, www.climatechangeeducation
. Links to museums, lesson plans, and other resources
relating to climate change.

Climate Institute, "What You Can Do,"
. Recommendations for reducing
our environmental footprint.

Earth Day Network, "Climate Change Solutions," www

Focus the Nation, Nationwide college
organizing committee on global warming solutions
and political awareness.

National Council of Churches of Christ, www.protecting
. Interfaith campaign for climate justice.

Vanity Fair, "FiftyWays to Help Save the Planet," www

Weather Channel, "Solutions Library,"

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