• Santa Monica Freeway Santa Monica Freeway in Los Angeles, clogged with traffic, the reality (and symbol) of the pollution from transportation, source of 27 percent of US greenhouse gases and much detrimental particulate, dust and chemical pollution.
  • South Waterfront Portland aerial tram from South Waterfront to Oregon Health Sciences University 500 feet above and 3000 feet away. Used by upwards of 125,000 people monthly. It is estimated the Tram annually eliminates two million vehicle miles, saving 93,000 gallons of gas and reducing greenhouse gases by more than 1,000 tons. Portland Light Rail network annually carried ____ etc.
  • Interstate-405 bridge Hundreds of bicyclists take over the Interstate-405 bridge in Portland Oregon during the Bridge Pedal biking day. This is extreme (so far), but many cities are restricting car lanes in favor of bikes and walking.
  • charging in Portland Oregon Charging in Portland, Oregon